Gene Doping

A future of gene doping?

In recent years, ideas and practices aimed at achieving a healthier life style have focused attention throughout our society on the notion of “enhancement.” In competitive sport, with its inherent logic of improvement, enhancement in this sense of the term has long been a familiar phenomenon. However, certain forms of enhancement are prohibited in competitive sports and subject to sanction as doping. So-called gene doping – a special case of genetically engineered enhancement – is regarded as the form of performance enhancement in competitive sports with the greatest future potential.

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Good to know: an overview

Film on by the 3sat TV network on the subject of gene doping: "Convicted cheaters" 

The challenge of gene doping

Competitive sport is a segment of society. Gene doping, however, is not to be regarded as only affecting sports; instead, it must be seen as a special form of genetic engineering affecting society as a whole. A debate on genetically engineered performance enhancement in sport, besides raising questions about biomedical possibilities, hence also raises numerous questions about ethical criteria, legal rules, and societal views ...more